ITC Internet Time Card™

ITC Internet Time Card™

Internet Time Card™ (ITC) is a real-time, web-based application that extends the time capture capabilities of SAP.

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Time can be captured two ways:

The Web: An employee will click the ITC icon on the desktop and log-in. The ITC screen will appear and the employee will clock-in or clock-out as needed.

Badge Swipe: No time clocks are needed, the ITC badge swipe screen will run on a stand-alone PC, employees will swipe their badges and select either clock-in or clock-out.

Clock-in and Clock-out data is immediately posted to SAP, no interface program or batch processing is required.

ITC Benefits

No third party clocking system needed:

  • Clock hardware costs eliminated.
  • Clock installation costs eliminated.
  • Clock training costs eliminated.
  • Clock upgrade costs eliminated.
  • Clock maintenance and support fees eliminated.
  • Clock redundant data, dropped and missing punches eliminated.

Eliminates paper time-sheets dual data entry is no longer required which reduces the likelihood of human error and increases payroll accuracy.

Eliminates fraudulent reporting ITC captures the actual clock-in and clock-out time from the server reducing potential over-payments and administrative time to resolve errors.

Head count reduction eliminates the need for timekeepers.

Web-based employees have the ability to clock-in or clock-out anywhere there is web access. Alternatively, the system can be configured to limit time punches to specific locations.

Real Time eliminates batch processing; data is immediately posted in SAP, allowing immediate visibility of information.

No portals needed if your primary requirement is to capture time, ITC is the right solution. Consulting costs are dramatically reduced because this product eliminates the need for portal configuration.

No Interface needed removes the development costs of an interface program between a third party clock system and SAP. ITC eliminates the possibility of failed data becoming trapped between two systems.

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