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911OnDemandSupport™ is available to all clients and provides direct access to HCI Technical support for quick resolution of technical support challenges.

911OnDemandSupportA broad range of solutions are available from responding to basic "how to" questions, to system troubleshooting, to diagnosing complete program failures.

911OnDemandSupport™ is customized to address the specific challenges of our clients:

Challenge: Cost Savings
Goal: Provide higher levels of service with fewer resources.
Solution: 911OnDemandSupport™ offers a team of dedicated IT support professionals to resolve your technical support issues as they arise. Full-time support, Part-time cost.

Challenge: Access to Top Talent
Goal: Retain skilled IT talent on an "as needed" basis. Reduce the impact of employee turnover and escalating salaries for IT personnel.
Solution: Flexible consulting. Engagements can be structured on a limited or extended basis; on-site or remotely. You get IT expertise on your terms.

Challenge: Maximize IT investment
Goal: Use HCM to drive a sustainable competitive advantage.
Solution: 911OnDemandSupport™ Consultants are skilled in the latest HCM methodologies, components, tools and best practices to insure effective deployment of your HCM strategies.

The 911OnDemandSupport™ Solution Center is located at company headquarters in Addison, TX. The facility offers a state-of-the-art environment for providing clients with rapid, comprehensive answers for their technical support issues. HCI IT Services is the right solution for your remote support requirements. To get more information, call 800.875.8734 x911 or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .