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Mobile Enterprise Business Solutions

HCI Mobile Apps platform can take advantage of innumerable options for mobile data collection. Your native apps can record and collect numeric, alphanumeric, date/time, GPS locations, e-mail, photo and signature data. Your powerful application form works in both internet connected mode and offline mode (when an internet connection is not available). In the offline mode, data is stored on your device (iPhone, Android, HTML5, Tablet or iPad) and is sent to your repository once an internet connection is re-established insuring your information can be gathered on the spot and successfully stored on your cloud based hosting.

Features included in our enterprise business solution

  • A professional iPhone, Android, HTML5, Tablet, iPad App and SmartWatch
  • Communicate data immediately to any database, CRM, ERP, Website or by E-mail
  • Store data locally and/or sends collected data when Internet connection is re-established
  • Allow submitted data to populate in App
  • Provide real-time data upload
  • Enable immediate team collaboration between on and off-site personnel
  • Allow data validation, multiple calculations and GPS/Photo capture
  • Store any number of reference and regulation documents and links
  • Conditionally ask response-base additional questions
  • Provide ability to sign form with finger touch
  • Allow immediate remote deployment of updates and changes to limitless devices
  • Unlimited push notifications of important information
  • Heighten Emergency preparedness and decrease response time
  • Ensure accurate data capture and reduce redundancy
  • Provide massive scalability
  • Reduce Resources, increase Productivity and Profitability
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Support package is required with all apps and include:

  • Easy to read Analytic and Statistics so you know exactly how many people are using the App.
  • A simple Maintenance support package to allow for any changes that you may want.
  • Unlimited push notifications to your Users (a message that can be sent that pops up on their device).
  • Unlimited software and feature updates.
  • Access to our team of dedicated experts.