Save Money - Employee Benefits Enrollment fast and easy

HCM Benefits Enrollment SAP Product

HCM Benefits Enrollment is designed to function as a stand-alone Web application or in ESS portals.

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HCM Benefits Enrollment

HCM Benefits Enrollment is a powerful tool that makes Employee Benefits Enrollment fast and easy for your employees and saves your company money.

HCM Benefits Enrollment Advantages

  • Green solution that eliminates paper-based systems.
  • Saves money by reducing human resource administrative costs incurred to manually enter benefits selections. Benefits selections are made directly by employees.
  • Simple, complete, easy to use solution that allows employees to manage their benefits enrollment.
  • The streamlined interface accelerates any employee benefit enrollment process including open enrollment, new hires or status changes.
  • Once log-in is complete, a menu of tabs is presented outlining all benefit choices such as health, life insurance, 401(K), and FSA. Detailed information about benefit options is immediately accessible with a simple point and click.
  • Once all selections have been made, verification is immediate with the choice of an optional PDF confirmation statement.
  • Employee status and dependent changes can be managed quickly and efficiently.
  • Control of the benefits selection process increases employee satisfaction and flexibility.

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